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The nature of the dark matter is one of the most profound unanswered questions in fundamental physics. The axion is a leading dark matter candidate that would additionally remove a major blemish on the Standard Model of particle physics – the Strong CP problem which, without the axion, constitutes an inexplicable level of fine-tuning. The goal of this project is to seed and develop bold new ideas and technologies from material science that can revolutionise the search for the dark matter axion, and to use astronomical observations to search for complementary signals.

This project, funded by a Research Environment Grant (2020-2025) from the Swedish Research Council, leverages the convergence of expertise in axion physics, dark matter detection, material science and cosmology at Stockholm University. Our research has received support from the European Research Council under grant agreement No.742104.



5 October 2022

We are hiring an experimentalist for ALPHA: link to advertisement

4 October 2022

The ALPHA White paper goes online: link

1-2 February 2022

The first ALPHA Mini Workshop was held

7. May 2021

The ALPHA Consortium was formed link

5-7. May 2021

The first workshop dedicated to plasma haloscopes

10. March 2021

Dark Matter Is Not "Fuzzy": link

12. November 2020

AxionDM at MultiHEP2020: link

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